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Using Your EdPass as a Flex Account

What Is a FLEX Account?

Your FLEX account is a digital wallet associated with your EdPass. You may use your FLEX account for on-campus services only. You cannot use your FLEX account as your bus pass or for anything outside the Edmonds College campus.

Where Your EdPass FLEX Account Can Be Used:

Once you have deposited money in your EdPass Account, you can use your card to pay for goods, services, and fees on campus. EdPass Flex Accounts are accepted at:

How to Deposit Funds to Your EdPass Flex Account:

To load money on your FLEX account, visit the four deposit stations around campus:

  • Alderwood Hall - first floor
  • Snohomish Hall - first floor
  • Mountlake Terrace - first floor (across from the espresso bar)
  • Lynnwood Hall - third floor (Library)


  • Kiosks do not provide change. You may deposit money, purchase a community card, and check your current balance at the kiosks.
  • VIP/Visitor EdPass cardholders who would like this feature must first visit the EdPass Office to set this up.

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