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Triton Email and ID

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All new students will have an Edmonds College student email account created 24-48 hours after they register for at least one (1.0) credit. This is the Triton Email account. To access your new Triton Email account, you must activate your Triton ID.


If you need to find your Triton ID, use the Triton ID Lookup Tool.

Triton ID Lookup Tool

Log In to Triton Email

Once you have activated your Triton ID, proceed to gmail.com and sign in.

Username: YourTritonID@student.edmonds.edu

Password: Your Triton ID Password

Triton Email Log-In

What can I do with Triton ID and Email?

Triton Access - Access technology resources with your Triton ID: Access Triton Email, Drive, Docs, and More, connect to Triton WiFi, Log in to Chromebooks, Connect to virtual comoputer labs, log in to computer labs


College communications, including financial aid, registration, graduation information, etc. will be directed to your preferred email address in your ctcLink account. This may be your personal email address from any email provider (Google, Yahoo, etc.). See below to learn how to verify your preferred email address in ctcLink. You are responsible for communications sent to this address.

Note: If you update your preferred email address in your ctcLink account, it can take up to an hour for that change to take effect.

Request a Triton Email Account

If you are registered in a zero (0) credit course and would like a Triton Email account, you will need to submit a request for manual creation. Otherwise, students registered for at least 1 credit will have their email account created automatically. To request a Triton Email, please submit a service request ticket.


Call 425.640.1234 (voicemail-only during remote operations).

Visit our online knowledge base and submit a ticket at itsupport.edmonds.edu, or go to the Virtual Support Live Chat page.