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Apply for VA Education Benefits

Step 1: Apply for your VA benefits online

Applying online is the fastest way for your application to get processed by VA

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VRE)

  • Veterans with a VA disability rating may be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VRE)
  • VRE services can cover all costs associated with your education/training program (tuition, books, supplies)
  • VRE can also provide career counseling and employment assistance services
  • More information and applications instructions are located on the benefits and resources page

Step 2: Apply for admission to Edmonds College

Step 3: Apply for financial aid

Step 4: Determine your placement in English and math

Step 5: Academic advising 

Step 5: Transfer prior credits to Edmonds College (prior learning assessment)

  • Veterans can receive credit for military and/or prior college coursework
  • Prior to requesting an evaluation, send Edmonds College official transcripts from all prior colleges and the military
  • Request an official transcript evaluation online via the Edmonds College GATE system
  • Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard transcripts can be ordered via the Joint Services Transcript System
  • Air Force transcripts can be ordered online via the Community College of the Air Force

Step 6: Attend a Veterans Orientation

All students utilizing veterans’ education benefits must attend orientation

  • Contact the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) at 425.640.1175 or vrc@edmonds.edu to schedule
  • Orientations are held every quarter – Please bring the following documents with you to orientation:
    • Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)
    • DD-214 (member 4 copy)
    • Program requirement sheet
    • Assessment/placement test scores
    • NOBE (if applicable)

Dependents/spouses (VA Chapter 35)

  • In addition to the paperwork listed above, please bring the following documents:
    • 100% VA disability letter
    • Marriage certificate
    • Birth certificate of dependent
    • Service member’s death certificate (if applicable)

Step 7: Questions about your education benefits?

Meet with the VA Certifying Official

  • After you attend orientation, you can review your paperwork with the VA Certifying Official and ask questions about your education benefits
  • You may request an appointment to meet with the Certifying Official