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Application for Head Start/ECEAP and Early Head Start Services

You can start the application process by:

  • Calling the Main Office at 425.712.9000 to request an application appointment.
  • Clicking on the form below to request an application appointment.

All completed Applications need these supporting documents:

  • Proof of family income (reflecting last 12 months or last calendar year) An Application Specialist will assess which Income Documents you need to provide. Examples of acceptable income are:
    • Last 12 months of pay stubs
    • Most recent Federal income Tax return
    • W2's from last calendar year
    • A letter from your employer stating hire date/hours per week/pay per hour
    • TANF Cash Assistance Grant Award Letter
    • Supplemental Security Income Award Letter
    • College Grant and Scholarship awards
    • Any other forms of income reflecting either the last 12 months of income or the last calendar year
  • Proof of child's date of birth:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport/Visa
    • Immunization Record
    • Medical Record
  • These other forms if they apply to your child: 
    • Foster Care Placement Documents
    • Guardianship Documents
    • IEP/IFSP or other Disability Documents

If you would like to enroll more than one child, please submit a separate application for each child.