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Our Stories

"My daughter attended Head Start because I wanted her to have others to play with. We got a lot more than that.

She learned about sharing, ABC’s, how to write her name and count. She learned her colors and how to express her feelings. By her second year, she had moved from a shy little girl to someone who was a leader and her self esteem had really gone up.

I too, learned a lot those two years. I learned that Dads are important too. [As a father,] I was welcomed into the classroom and felt needed and heard. I was able to get to know the staff and they used my talents like wood working which made my daughter very proud."

“My Parent Services Specialist gave me information on a 12 week class at Edmonds College for training as an office assistant. I completed the class and was immediately able to get a job working in an office. I love my job and have been able to support my 3 children without assistance. My PSS was aware of my interests and goals since we met on a regular basis and she was instrumental in helping me reach my goal.”

“My family came to the US from Vietnam. When I enrolled my 1st child in Head Start, I did not speak or understand any English. I needed an interpreter to help me with everything. My Parent Services Specialist helped me and my husband to enroll in English classes at Edmonds College. This helped us both to get a job. I worked the day shift and my husband worked the night shift so that our children always had one parent at home. I went to all the Head Start meetings and evening events and was able to practice my English. The following year when I enrolled my 2nd child in Head Start, I did not need an interpreter. By the end of that second year, we had saved enough money to buy our 1st home in our new country! I was very happy to be able to have the Head Start Teacher and PSS come to my new home for a Home Visit! Both of my children entered kindergarten speaking English thanks to Head Start.”

"Our whole experience has been wonderful. The teachers are great with the kids. The staff is awesome. We love Head Start."

"Not only did my child learn and improve greatly in the English language and other skills with the kind and caring teachers, but we were given many kinds of information and resources that we otherwise would've never known. The teachers and PSS really comforted and encouraged our family with kind and sweet hearts. Thank you again for this best opportunity that we couldn't afford otherwise."

"Our son made a lot of friends and learned so much during this past year. It has been a joy watching him develop."