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Already have a work-study offer?

Contact the Career Action Center to apply for a work-study job . You will not be able to receive work-study funds until you are placed in your job.

About Work-Study

Work-study awards are made to all eligible students and provide an opportunity to earn some of the funds needed to attend school. There are two sources of work-study funding:

  • Federal Work-Study: (FAFSA Students)
  • State Work-Study: (FAFSA and WASFA students)

How to Apply for Work-Study

Step 1. Complete the FAFSA or the WASFA

The  FAFSA and WASFA ask ...

Are you interested in work-study?
There are three answers: "Yes," "No," and "I don't know."  

If you answered Yes 

If you answered No 

If you answered I Don't know 


Step 2. Contact the Career Action Center (CAC)

  1. Print out or show your Award Letter that shows your work-study offer OR
  2. Print out or show the Career Action Center your financial aid award summary on ctcLink

Once the Career Action Center verifies your work study offer, you will work with them to review the list of departments that are hiring work-study students.

Contact the CAC

Step 3. Apply for a Work-Study Position

Apply for the position and interview with the potential employer on campus. Make sure to confirm your award amount meets the needs of the employer.

Rules and Requirements for Work-Study

Students who obtain work-study employment:

  • Must maintain enrollment of 6 or more credits each quarter.
  • Must maintain and meet Student Academic Progress.
  • May work up to 19 hours per week during the quarter.
  • May work full-time during breaks between quarters, depending on the needs of the department.
  • May have only one work-study job per quarter.
  • May earn up to the amount of their award. Actual earnings may be less than the amount of their work-study award. Funds that are not earned will not be given to them at a later time.
  • May be eligible to receive work-study and loans. 
  • Will likely be paid twice a month.

Note to students receiving TANF or another Title IV benefit: State work-study earnings may affect the level of Title IV benefits that you receive.

Have a Question?

Contact Financial Aid.