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Ayad Almissouri, Timothy Cross, and Michael Wewer

Jan. 2-March 20

photos from exhibition

Exhibit Description

“Conversations” showcases the work of three Edmonds College instructors. The exhibition brings together the distinct voices of Timothy Cross, Ayad Almissouri, and Michael Wewer. Each artist's work stands on its own while also speaking in conversation with each other.

About the Artists

Wewer has taught photography at Edmonds College for two decades. He is a passionate conservationist and focuses much of his work on the wilderness. His favorite subjects come from all directions, from as far south as Mono Lake and the Sierra Nevada Range in California, to the east and the Grand Tetons of Wyoming and the Sawtooth Range in Idaho, west to the rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula, and as far north as Vancouver Island. 

As a Kurdish artist living in the U.S., Almissouri has experienced the cultural complexities of two distinct worlds. In his work, he has explored his psychological pain and conflict associated with his past, paving the road to freedom of expression. He says his work “takes root in my own personal emotional distress and psychological trauma that still lies in his subconscious, where thoughts and memories are often repressed or sublimated.”

Cross is a Seattle-based artist working in drawing, painting, and sculpture. He has been an instructor at Edmonds College for over a decade, where he works with students to encourage their creative growth. He describes teaching as a “stimulating and complementary relationship in that it brings fresh conversation and ideas to a flourishing studio practice.”