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Graduation Application Process

Important! Commencement is different from Graduation!

The Graduation Application and process are separate from Commencement and its registration. Your graduation application does not need to be complete in order to attend the Commencement ceremony. Please see the Commencement page and our Graduation FAQs for more details.

Note: If you are graduating summer quarter, you can apply for graduation spring quarter if you wish to attend the Commencement ceremony for that year.


You’ve worked hard, and it’s almost time to celebrate your accomplishment! In addition to completing your courses, you must apply for graduation as soon as you have registered for your final classes for your degree or certificate. Please see the sections below for how to apply for graduation!

Applying for Graduation

As of December 2021, all Edmonds College students may use the On-line Graduation Application & Transcript Evaluation (GATE) system by logging in with their Triton ID.

Submit a Graduation Application in GATE

    1. If you have not already, set-up and activate your Triton ID.
    2. Using your Triton ID (username and password), log into GATE.
    3. Click the “Select” button next to Apply for Graduation.
    4. Click the “Select” button that matches up with your type of degree or certificate.
    5. Clearly fill out the fields for:
      • Any former or other names that would appear on your records,
      • The name as you wish it to appear on your diploma or certificate,
      • The program you are completing at Edmonds College,
      • The names of any external college(s) you may have received transfer credit from,
      • In the Student Comments field, provide your Academic Advisor or Faculty Advisor’s name, and
      • In the Student Comments field, provide any other relevant information that will help us with your evaluation (e.g., the transcripts are hard copies being mailed).
        • Important! If an Advisor told you to take a class other than those on your program’s requirement sheet, make sure that Advisor submits a Course Substitution in GATE on your behalf!

Certificate of Completion (COC)

Certificates of Completion (COCs) are professional technical programs of less than 20 credits. The courses are targeted to help students gain skills in a specific area. In addition, some COCs can be applied to certificates (programs of 20 or more credits) or degrees. If interested in a COC, please inquire at your instructional department or academic advising. See a list of current COCs.

COCs are not eligible for financial aid; however, some COCs may be eligible for veteran’s benefits (reach out to the Veterans Resource Center for more information). At this time, COCs are not eligible for eDiploma formatting.

Applying for your COC follows the same steps as graduation for a degree or certificate. Check out the sections above for those steps!

Helpful Graduation Information

There are over 100 programs offered at Edmonds College, and some have very similar names. If you are not certain which specific program is yours, check out the Academic Catalog and reach out to the Advising Team for support.

At this time, the Academic Progress tile on the ctcLink Student Homepage may not display accurate information. Our team is researching how to update this tool to better serve our students, but we do not have an ETA as to when that will be done.

Likewise, the ‘Apply for Graduation’ feature in ctcLink is not ready for use. Please see the sections below for how to apply for graduation!

The priority deadline for Graduation Applications for each quarter is the tenth day of the quarter. Applicants who meet the priority deadline are processed first. Late applications will be processed towards the end of the quarter in the order they are received. Applications submitted for a previous quarter will be processed alongside these batches. For example, if you submit a Summer Graduation Application before the Fall priority deadline, it will be processed alongside the Fall priority applications; however, if you submit a Summer Graduation Application after the Fall priority deadline, it will be processed towards the end of the Fall quarter. For the current priority deadlines, see the Academic Calendar.

If you miss the Spring Quarter priority deadline, it is possible your name may not be included in the commencement program. You can find that date information on the Academic Calendar.

Traditionally, degrees and certificates are posted to transcripts at least six to eight weeks after final grades are officially posted at the end of a quarter. Unique situations (individual cases, remote campus operations, system updates, etc.) may add delays, however. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

After degrees and certificates are awarded, our team will send out eDiplomas to the email address listed in your ctcLink. Following that (and depending on campus operations), the Credentials & Evaluation Team will alert students through official channels the days that diplomas may be picked-up. If pick-up is unavailable, such as during remote operations, diplomas and certificates will be mailed to the address listed in ctcLink.

You can find more information about diplomas and certificates in our Diplomas FAQs!

If we have questions or concerns, we will reach out to you through your official student email or the address listed in your ctcLink account. Due to security and privacy policies, we may not be able to provide detailed account information to non-verified third-party emails.

We do our best to reply back to emails in a timely manner, typically 1 to 3 business days. Certain situations may require more time, and we will do our best to alert you in those instances. Please be mindful that if you send multiple messages to us in rapid succession, it may cause delays in serving you and other students.

If we reach out to you regarding missing transcripts or clarification, and we do not hear back from you in a timely manner, we may mark your application as Incomplete or Void. A voided request is ‘closed’ and not worked on further. But don’t worry! We can reopen your request if you reach back out and we receive what we need!


If you did not find your answer here, be sure to check out our Graduation FAQs page and other links! If you still cannot find your answer, please email us at credentials@edmonds.edu.