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Credentials and Evaluation

Graduation Application Process

Apply for graduation as soon as you have registered for your final classes to complete your degree or certificate. If you are graduating summer quarter, you can apply for graduation spring quarter if you wish to attend commencement.

Graduation Application Steps

  • Apply for graduation online using the GATE credential evaluation system. Apply for Graduation
  • You should apply when you have registered for your final Courses.
  • Graduation applications completed by the tenth day of the quarter (eighth day of summer quarter) will meet the priority application deadline.
  • It is strongly recommended that you see an academic or faculty advisor prior to applying for graduation

Certificate of Completion (COC)

Certificates of Completion (COCs) are professional technical programs of less than 20 credits. The courses are targeted to help students gain skills in a specific area. COCs are not eligible for financial aid; however, some COCs may be eligible for veteran’s benefits. In addition, some COCs can be applied to certificates (programs of 20 or more credits) or degrees. If interested in a COC, please inquire at your instructional department or academic advising.

What's the difference between graduation and commencement?

Graduation is the process you go through to have your degree posted to your transcript. Commencement is an annual ceremony (held in June) where we honor your academic accomplishments.

If you are completing Edmonds College degrees and/or certificates – excluding certificates of completion (COCs) – you may participate in the commencement ceremony. If you will complete a degree or certificate summer quarter, you can participate in the commencement ceremony prior to your graduation. To do so, apply for graduation during spring quarter.

Please note: If you miss the spring quarter priority application deadline it is possible your name may not be included in the commencement program.

Visit the commencement website for more information about the ceremony.