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Edmonds College Bus Pass

As an Edmonds College student or employee, you may obtain a bus pass to locally commute.

How to Obtain or Renew Your Bus Pass

If you would like to obtain a bus pass along with your EdPass ID card, please complete one of the following forms:



  • There is a one-time $10 card fee and $26 quarterly fee for the Edmonds College/ORCA bus pass.
  • You must complete the form each quarter to renew your bus pass.
  • You can only get the bus pass during the same quarter you are registered for classes. If you are requesting a bus pass for future quarters, we will not be able to get you the bus pass until one week before the requested quarter starts.

Students - Online Bus Pass Request Form



  • There is a quarterly $45 payroll deduction for the Edmonds College/ORCA bus pass.
  • Automatic deductions will continue until the employee cancels.

Payroll Deduction Form

Employees - Online Bus Pass Request Form


The Regional Transportation Pass is a trial period running from July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

You may use your EdPass/ORCA card on:

  • Community Transit
  • Everett Transit
  • King County Metro
  • Pierce Transit
  • Seattle Street Car
  • Seattle Monorail
  • Link Light Rail
  • Sounder Trains

Washington State Ferries requires funds to be added at ORCA stations or online at myORCA.com.

Starting September 1, 2022, riders 18 and younger can take transit for free.

Note: EdPass/ORCA cards will only activate for use on the first day of classes and are valid till the first day of the next quarter.

Note: The ORCA card number is located on the back of the card, above the magstripe.

Disclaimer: You cannot add funds to your ORCA ePurse via the Edmonds College deposit stations. Funds deposited on the EC stations only apply to on-campus services (FLEX account).

You must tap the ORCA card to ride (scan the card at the ORCA card reader upon entering the bus or before boarding Swift buses). If the card is not tapped, the fare has not been paid.

No, it is not required, but recommended. Parking is limited on campus and using the bus reduces our campus carbon footprint.

New Student EdPass cards and EdPass/ORCA cards can only be issued at the end of the previous quarter.

Students: The full amount of $26 may be refunded anytime during the current quarter if the card has not been used.


How to Request a Refund (Students)

  • Online: Submit a ticket at itsupport.edmonds.edu to request a refund. We will confirm whether or not you are approved. If approved, we will forward the request to the Cashier’s Office where your refund will be processed.
  • In-Person: Visit the EdPass Office to request a refund. We will confirm whether or not you are approved. If approved, we will complete a form that you will take downstairs to the Cashier’s Office to process your refund.

Employees: The full amount of $45 may be refunded anytime during the current quarter if the card has not been used.


How to Request a Refund (Employees)

  • Contact the Edmonds College Payroll Department to request a refund.

Report the loss immediately to EdPass Card Services:

IMPORTANT: If you lost an employee EdPass with building/door access, contact the Security Department immediately so that it can be deactivated.

Lost EdPass/ORCA cards are turned into the EdPass office and a hold can be put on the card until it’s found or replaced. If the card has been found, you will be notified by your preferred email in ctcLink.

Personal contact information is never given out. All found EdPass cards are requested to be returned to campus. If a lost EdPass/ORCA card is returned to a Ridestore, you will be notified to pick it up at that location.

To request a refund for your EdPass/ORCA card, please submit a ticket, or visit the EdPass Office.

Your EdPass/ORCA card can be deactivated if you drop your classes or are dropped from your classes for any reason.

If the card is deactivated it could take up to three to four business days to reactivate. If your card deactivates please contact the EdPass Office:

Note: Please include your ctcLink ID number and ORCA number located on the back of the ORCA card above the magnetic strip. For more information: ORCA System.

  • Damaged card (cracked, bent, etc.)
  • Hole punched card
  • Your card may deactivated
  • Insufficient funds when used on Washington State Ferries

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