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Invent your future here. Whether your goal is to earn a technical degree to enter the workforce, transfer to a four-year university or open a new chapter in your life, you can find your community at Edmonds College. Located on a 50-acre campus just north of Seattle, Edmonds empowers our students with the skills, support and confidence for success.

Transfer Degrees

Completing a transfer program as an international student at Edmonds gives you a tremendous advantage as you work toward a bachelor’s degree. These degrees are designed for international students to complete two years of general education requirements so that they can transfer to a four-year school with standing as a junior.

University Acceptance and Transfer Agreements

The two-year associate’s degree in arts or sciences will usually transfer to any university in the United States. In order to assure that the university will accept all of the credits in the associate’s degree, Edmonds College makes transfer and articulation agreements with specific universities. 

Associate of Technical Arts Degrees (non-transferable)

The two-year Associate of Technical Arts degree programs are designed to provide professional and technical training to prepare international graduates for specific careers or to improve existing skills. These programs are designed to prepare you for entry-level into specific jobs or to improve existing skills. Our professional-technical programs range from short-term certificates to two-year degrees.


Certificates are short programs - usually 6 to 9 months long - that are designed to provide specialized training and skills in a number of interest areas. 

Bachelor of Applied Science Degree

Edmonds currently offers four Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees and has more coming soon! Compared to other four-year degrees, BAS degrees are more career-focused, have more hands-on training, build more on work experience, and are more affordable.

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