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Oceanography Course Descriptions

OCEA& 101: Intro to Oceanography w/Lab

Credits: 5.0

General survey of geological, physical, chemical, and biological processes active in the world oceans. Includes the study of air-sea interactions, ocean structure and circulation patterns, the properties and composition of seawater, ocean productivity,coastal processes, marine resources, and environmental concerns. This course is intended for non-science majors. Field trips may be required. Prerequisite(s): Placementinto both ENGL& 101 and Math 81 or87 or higher.

Course Level Objectives

  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of general scientific principles and the significant role of science, and oceanography in particular, in modern society.
  2. Use specific experimental skills to make reliable measurements and apply analytic tools to interpret scientific data to make conclusions about oceanographic processes.
  3. Apply the concepts and information in oceanography to problems that affect the world around them at a personal, community, and global level.
  4. Evaluate, interpret, articulate, and communicate scientific information as it relates to oceanography, orally and in writing.