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  • “Being a PCT means listening actively to patients and their stories and equipping myself with the resources to provide better care.” Aliae Mohander

  • "I haven't been as excited as I am now to be in school. Edmonds College faculty are a great bunch and they have helped me and answered any questions that I have. The CNA program has taught me so much  thanks to my teachers who motivate all of us every day."  Angelika Joy Chesley

  • "I have learned a lot from the Patient Care Technician program in Edmonds College. It gave me a great opportunity to  increase my knowledge in healthcare and medical fields such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and CPR. Also, I got an important experience of  externships on clinical sites in real conditions. My favorite part of this education is a development of  critical thinking skills  which will be helpful not only in my career but also in all areas of my life. A high-quality educational process is ensured by the professional work of teachers, their support and inspiration. I am very happy that I choose this program because it helps to move ahead, set a new goal, and achieve it. I am sure that with a Patient Care Technician certificate I have more opportunities to get a job because I will have five certificates which include CNA, EKG, Phlebotomy, Emergency Room Technician, and Acute Care CNA."
    Sincerely, Mariia Merlova

  • "Patient care technician is a certification that requires completion of Certified nursing assistant (CNA), Emergency department (ED), Electrocardiogram/monitor technician (EKG), phlebotomy technician (PBT) and Acute care nursing (ACN). It is a year to two year program that will teach you all of the general and basics of healthcare. You will learn teamwork, medical terminology, highest care quality, communication, the law of healthcare, skills and how to handle equipment correctly on patients. There is also a great class called IBEST that helps students navigate though a tough courses, offer an extra hour of study time personally with a teacher assistant and extra help from homework understanding. Healthcare classes also offer externship that helps students learn hands on with real patients, learn how to care for patients and work under amazing CNA, nurses and doctors in real world hospitals settings. It is a challenging but rewarding experience and it is a great career start for those who are looking to find the perfect fit!"  Austin Ake

  • "A Patient Care Tech - quietly wipe the sweat, put a happy smile behind the well- being of all patients" Dion Pham