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What Will Health Education Teach Me?

Students will learn to work effectively in groups and interact cooperatively in order to explore, research, and share with peers their knowledge and beliefs of selected personal, social, and environmental health issues.

Students will demonstrate through written expression, oral discussion and argument their attitudes and beliefs of social health issues, supported by research, evidence, and logical reasoning. Classes are offered online and on campus to appeal to a wide array of students.

What Will Emergency Response Teach Me?

Students will earn the American Red Cross Emergency Response certification and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certification for the professional rescuer. Students will be capable of organizing, implementing, and adapting the available resources to provide essential emergency care for the injured victim.

Each student will be actively engaged independently and with groups confronting trauma situations. Requiring use of critical thinking skills, and mature judgment enables the rescuer to provide meaningful care for the injured. This program meets all OSHA, WISHA, and Labor and Industries standards and guidelines.

Our Courses

Edmonds College provides students with courses in Contemporary Health Education and Emergency Response with CPR and AED. The Health Education curriculum is designed to guide students toward exploration of personal health issues and demonstrate the ability to analyze, discuss, and empathize with others who have diverse or like beliefs.

Through the Emergency Response program, students will acquire the competence and confidence to access and evaluate the trauma scene, provide a primary and secondary assessment for a trauma victim, and initiate proper care for the injures.

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