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Academic and professional standards

Grades are awarded to students based on their academic performance and achievement in each class they enroll in. The college utilizes a 0-4 scaled grading system, with a 4.0 being the equivalent of an A grade.

In the addiction studies program, students are graded based on their achievement in meeting course learning outcomes in both their academic performance and skills demonstration. Only those program classes in which a student earns a 2.0 or higher will count towards an addictions studies degree. Classes in which a grade lower than 2.0 is earned will need to be retaken. Likewise, the program has high standards on issues related to academic integrity, and students need to demonstrate academic honesty at all times, especially as it relates to the authenticity of one's work. 

Because we believe that the standards for becoming a SUDP go beyond just passing a set of classes, students are also expected to demonstrate the competencies of being a professional throughout their degree completion. Such professionalism not only includes learning the knowledge and skills of the field, but also adopting the healthy attitudes and emotional health of the effective professionals working in that field. The addictions studies program encompasses a holistic model of professional development for students in the program.