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Advising for Prospective Students

Contact Cathy Dominguez at 425.640.1242 or cathy.dominguez@edmonds.edu. For ongoing advising during the school term, you can also contact any of the faculty below (please keep in mind that faculty are not available during school breaks). 

Department Head

Roxanne Green
425.640.1595 | roxanne.green@edmonds.edu Room 254

Employee Listing

Name Title Office Phone Email
Christina Coiro Faculty SNH 232 425.640.1981 ccoiro@edmonds.edu
Timothy Burdick Faculty SNH 232 425.640.1633 timothy.burdick@edmonds.edu
Roxanne Green Faculty SNH 254 425.640.1595 roxanne.green@edmonds.edu
Mika McAfee Faculty SNH 226 425.640.1452 mika.mcafee@edmonds.edu