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Washington State Requirements

The Washington State Department of Health licenses Substance Use Disorder Professionals. To apply for this license, there are four main steps: 

  1. Complete the Educational Requirements
  2. Become Licensed as a SUDP Trainee
  3. Complete the Experience Requirements
  4. Pass the National Exam

Learn more on the Department of Health's website.

What happens if I have a history of drug/alcohol misuse or criminal convictions?

It is not uncommon that people training to become addiction professionals will also have histories of drug/alcohol misuse and/or have criminals convictions. For these folks, there is frequently a successful path forward in which the Department of Health will still issue them a license. In some cases, this path forward could possibly include additional training, accountability and support programs; all of which could result in additional expenses for the applicant. It is also common that the entire review process for obtaining either a SUDP-T or SUDP is extended for such applicants. If you would answer "yes" to any of the personal data questions on the application, you should start your SUDP-T application two quarters before you take the practicum course.

If you have questions or concerns about your unique history, we recommend you contact the Department of Health to discuss your unique situation. Unfortunately, Edmonds College is not able to give universal advice to all students about how the Department of Health will proceed with each applicant. We value our students and will support you through your academic training, but we do not have any authority regarding decisions on obtaining a Department of Health license.