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Alternative SUDP Training Option

The Washington State Department of Health (DoH) has created an Alternative Education path toward earning a Substance Use Disorder Professional license for people who are already licensed in the following fields:

  • Psychologist under RCW 18.83.
  • Marriage and family therapists, mental health counselor, advanced social worker, or independent clinical social worker under RCW 18.225.
  • Osteopathic physician under chapter 18.57 RCW.
  • Osteopathic physician assistant under chapter 18.57A RCW;
  • Physician under chapter 18.71 RCW; or
  • Physician assistant under chapter 18.71A RCW.

Instead of the regular academic topic areas prescribed by DoH for earning a SUDP, these individual must earn a minimum of 15 quarter credits (or 10 semester credits) in the following course topic areas:

  • Survey of addiction
  • Treatment of addiction
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology of addiction
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria
  • Individual, group, family addiction counseling
  • Substance use disorder law and ethics

The Edmonds College Addiction Studies program does not have a unique set of courses or degree options for just those individuals pursuing the alternative track to SUDP licensure. Instead these students take the necessary combination of existing Edmonds College courses they need to satisfy the above requirements. Depending on what prior coursework these students have already completed as part of their prior advance training to obtain their initial license, we believe the following courses are good possibilities to consider adding on:

  • SHS 104 - Introduction to Addiction Studies 5.0 Credits
  • SHS 113 - Law and Ethics for Addictions and Human Services 3.0 Credits
  • SHS 222 - Pharmacology of Psychoactive Drugs 5.0 Credits
  • SHS 225 - Group Treatment in Addiction 4.0 Credits
  • SHS 226 - Addiction and Youth and Family Systems 5.0 Credits
  • SHS 227 - Assessment and Diagnosis in Addiction Treatment 3.0 Credits
  • SHS 228 - Case Management in Addiction Treatment 3.0 Credits
  • SHS 229 - Addiction Counseling and Relapse Prevention 5.0 Credits

IIn addition to academic coursework, those pursuing the alternative option must still acquire a SUDP-T license, must still complete field experience hours (1,000) under the supervision of CDP Supervisor, and must pass the national exam.