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Current Students

Now that you are a student make the most of your time in Running Start!

Preparing for Next Quarter

The best time to start thinking about next quarter is on week 6 of the current quarter. You should complete these steps for every quarter you are in Running Start.


If you plan to start or earn a degree during Running Start, you must meet with an advisor. Our advisors can help with selecting a program, creating an academic plan, and more! We recommend that every Running Start student meets with advising during their first quarter. Learn more about advising.

Review Class Schedule

Our class schedule will be available a few weeks before registration begins. The academic calendar includes important dates for every quarter. Only some courses will be offered every quarter.

Complete the Enrollment Verification Form

Your high school counselor will help you complete the Enrollment Verification Form. Your counselor can tell you when they prefer to meet with Running Start students. Once this step is completed, you will be able to register for classes.

Submit your completed form by email to RunningStart@edmonds.edu.

Check Your Registration Time

Every student has an assigned enrollment date. The more credits you have earned, the sooner you can sign up for classes. You do not have to register on this exact date or time, but it is recommended you do so for the best class options. Check your enrollment date here or on ctcLink

Register and Get Ready!

If you need a reminder on how to enroll in classes or any other steps to prepare for the quarter check out our tutorials at the bottom of this page.

Remember to buy your required textbooks and pay any fees. You must pay your balance by the first day of the quarter. 

Running Start Academic Policies

We strive to support the academic success of all our students. You must follow the academic policies  to remain in good standing and continue in the program. If you are concerned about your academic progress, please contact us.

Review the program requirements and learn more about probation, suspension, and the appeal process.
Running Start Academic Policy