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Summer Running Start

How to Enroll

Registration for summer and fall quarters happens at the same time. You must submit a separate enrollment verfication form for each quarter that you want to attend. Forms must be completed and signed by you and your high school counselor. If you do not submit the forms by the deadlines below, you will be responsible for the cost of tuition. 

Summer Deadline: June 31, 2024

Summer Enrollment Verification Form

Fall Deadline: October 4, 2024

Fall Enrollment Verification Form


New Running Start Students 

Current 10th & 11th Graders: You can take up to 10 credits this summer.

Continuing Running Start Students

Current 11th Graders: Fill out your enrollment verification form to see how many credits you can take this summer.  If you've maxed out your credits for this year, you can still take classes through self-funded participation (see instructions below).

Seniors Who Will Repeat Their Senior Year: Fill out your enrollment verification form to see how many credits you can take this summer. You will only be allowed to register for classes you need to graduate high school.

Graduating Seniors (Class of 2024)

If you're within 15 credits of completing your associate degree, you may be eligible for summer quarter funding through the After Exit program. To see if you're eligible, contact RunningStart@edmonds.edu to complete the Running Start Graduation Credit Check. After Exit is only available this summer.

Self-Funded Participation

If you do not qualify for funding, you have the option to take classes by paying out of pocket. Please complete the Residency Update Form to make sure you are charged the correct tuition.

Not sure if you qualify? Talk with us!

We may have temporary funding sources for certain students. Reach out for more information.