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Fee Waiver

You can receive financial assistance in the Running Start program by receiving a Fee Waiver. Read below to learn more.

You may be eligible for a Fee Waiver if you are:

  • on the Free/Reduced Lunch Program at your high school
  • a foster care student, former foster care, emancipated youth, and/or homeless youth
  • at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • experiencing extenuating circumstances resulting in financial hardship

Apply for Fee Waiver

Students are eligible for the entire academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring) in which they apply. Returning students must submit a new application in the new academic year.

Applications are due by the first day of the quarter.

There are two ways to apply for the fee waiver. 

  1. On your Enrollment Verification Form. If your high school counselor and parent/guardian select that you participate in the Free/Reduced Lunch Program, you will be automatically enrolled.
  2. Complete the Fee Waiver Application. Submit to RunningStart@edmonds.edu. The Fee Waiver Application is also available in 13 languages other than English.

Please contact your school district or high school counselor for information about the Free/Reduced Lunch Program.

Fee Waiver Coverage at Edmonds College

Fee Waivers do not cover the same costs at every college.

Note: Running Start will never cover the cost of tuition or fees for classes below 100-level, regardless of Fee Waiver status.

Your Fee Waiver will cover:

  • Most fees. Learn more about types of fees.
    • Exception: Material class fees are not covered. The list of courses with material fees is shared each quarter when you submit your enrollment verification form.
  • Cost of tuition for excess credits. You will not pay tuition for those credits if you enroll in more credits than your counselor indicated on your Enrollment Verification Form. Please see the note above.
  • Students on the Fee Waiver may also be eligible for the Textbook Resource Program. 

Textbook Resource Program

The Textbook Resource Program gives you credit at the Edmonds College bookstore to apply toward the cost of textbooks. 

If you are eligible for the Fee Waiver program, you may also be eligible for our Textbook Resource Program. To join this program, you will need to submit an additional form. This form is emailed before the start of each quarter to all students in the fee waiver program.

Each student in the program will receive the same amount of credit. Depending on the cost of your books, the credit may only cover part of the amount you will pay at the bookstore.