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Appealing Loss of Aid

The college is required to review Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as the end of each quarter. Students who do not make SAP, may receive a warning or their aid may be cancelled.

Use this chart to understand when students receive a Warning and when aid is Cancelled.


Cancellation of Aid after Warning

Cancellation of Aid

Applies to students in good standing at the start of the quarter

Applies to students on Warning status from the previous quarter

Applies to all other students

Complete 50% but less than 100% of attempted credits 

Complete less than 100% of attempted credits

  • Complete less than 100% of attempted quarterly credits, or
  •  Overall completion rate (all credits on transcript)  is less than 67%

Quarterly Grade Point Average (GPA) is less than a 2.0, but above a 0.0

Quarterly Grade Point Average (GPA) is less than a 2.0

  • Quarterly GPA is a 0.0
  • Overall GPA (all credits on transcript) is less than a 2.0 unless first quarter of enrollment

What does it mean to complete a credit?

You complete a credit when you receive a grade that includes:

  • 0.7 through 4.0
  • S - satisfactory

You do not complete a credit if you receive a grade that includes:

  • W – official withdrawal
  • V – unofficial withdrawal
  • U – unsatisfactory
  • N – Audit
  • I - incomplete

Appeal Process

You can ask for reinstatement of your aid by submitting the the requested form. Please see your tasks in ctcLink for guidance on which form you need to complete.

Appeal for Cancellation of Financial Aid

    • Use this link to Appeal your Cancellation or Ineligibility to Receive Financial Aid

Appeal To Go Beyond the Financial Aid Maximum Time Frame (MTF)  

Not Following Academic Plan Appeal

    • Use this link to Appeal your Cancellation of Aid due to not follow your Approved Academic Plan to go Beyond the Maximum Time Frame.

Deadline for Appeals: Files turned in by the 1st day of the quarter are reviewed with priority status. All appeals are reviewed in the order that we receive them.

  • If you need financial support for a particular academic term, you must submit your Appeal at least one week before the quarter ends.  Appeals submitted after this date will not apply for quarters that have ended.

If we determine you are not eligible for aid, we cannot reinstate it, regardless of the reason you were unable to meet the SAP requirements. Federal and state regulations do not allow us to offer aid to students who does not meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

Have a Question?

Contact Financial Aid.