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Posted Jan. 4 - Serving and supporting students and the community remotely. Please do not come to campus unless you have an in-person class or a child at the Center for Families. Text us your questions at 425.243.0867.
We’re launching ctcLink — a new self-service portal and mobile app — and we’ve adjusted our business hours because of the upgrade. Learn more: edmonds.edu/hours.
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The EdPass Card – Your ID and More!

The EdPass card is the official identification card for members of Edmonds College and is available to all students, faculty, and permanent staff. To obtain your EdPass card, go to the Online Photo Submission and follow the steps.

student and employee EdPass

PARKING PERMITS – Call or email us for availability dates

Student EdPass

An EdPass card offers a variety of opportunities for students. A student EdPass doubles as a library card, printing/copy machine card, bus pass, and prepaid campus cash card (FLEX Account). A student EdPass card also grants you student access to gymnasium facilities and bicycle sheds. Student EdPass cards are valid for 2 years from date of issue.

Staff and Faculty Edpass

The EdPass card is the official ID card for Staff/Faculty members of Edmonds College. A Staff/Faculty EdPass has all the services of a student Edpass, as well as building and classroom access. A Staff/Faculty EdPass is valid for the duration of employment at Edmonds College.

Questions regarding door access encoding?

Contact the Security Department for questions or schedule an appointment prior to coming to campus:



Parking Permits:

The first parking permit you receive is free and any additional or replacement permits are $15 each.

An EdPass must be shown to receive any parking permits. 

Parking permits will only be issued to students who will be coming to campus for:

  1. In person instruction,
  2. are scheduled to pick up their EdPass, or
  3. are scheduled to pick up equipment from our IT department.

If you will not be checking out equipment but will be attending classes in person, you will be issued a parking permit during the first week of classes after getting your temperature taken. Please remember to bring your EdPass (college ID) to class otherwise you will not be issued a parking permit.

Parking permits are issued quarterly and are valid for the current academic school year before expiring.

Lost an EdPass?

Report the loss immediately to EdPass Card Services. Call 425.640.1143, email: edpass@edcc.edu or stop by EdPass Office during regular business hours.

Found cards are turned into the EdPass office’s lost and found, come by during operating hours to check and see if it has been returned. You can get a replacement card at the EdPass Office; there is $30 non-refundable replacement fee.

Found an EdPass?

You can drop the card off at Campus Security, located in Woodway Hall 214.