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Financial Aid Services


You must submit the FAFSA and complete your file as early as possible every academic year. The FAFSA is available beginning October 1 each year. Some financial aid funds are limited, so the earlier you apply, the more likely you are to receive all the aid you are eligible for. To complete your file by the deadline, turn in all required documents, forms, and information, and complete all processes by that date. Check the "Date Received" column in your Financial Aid Portal to see if your file is complete.

Primary Deadline

If you complete your file by the primary deadline, you will be held in your classes and you will be notified of your eligibility prior to the start of the quarter.

Quarter Deadline  for 2020-21 Deadline  for 2021-22
Summer Quarter
(Beginning of academic year)
6/1/2019 TBD
Fall Quarter 8/3/2020 TBD
Winter Quarter 12/1/2020 TBD
Spring Quarter 
(End of academic year)
3/1/2021 TBD

 *If deadline falls on a weekend, then it defaults to the next business day. 

Secondary Deadline

If you complete your file by the secondary deadline and are enrolled, you will be held in your classes and will be notified of your eligibility by the 10th day of the quarter.  You will need to be prepared to purchase your own books and other expenses, and wait for your financial aid to come through.

Quarter Deadline for 2020-21 Deadline for 2021-22
Summer Quarter 
(Beginning of academic year)
6/15/2020---extended to 7/1  TBD
Fall Quarter 9/1/2020 TBD
Winter Quarter 12/15/2020 TBD
Spring Quarter
(End of academic year)
3/15/2021 TBD

*If deadline falls on a weekend, then it defaults to the next business day.

If you miss the deadlines for Financial Aid and want to start right away there may be other funding options for you while you are getting your Financial Aid in place.  Go to StartNextQuarter.org and select Edmonds College to see what you may qualify for and who to contact. 


You will need to pay your own tuition and buy your own books or wait until the next quarter to start classes if you complete your file after the deadlines listed above.

You can apply for financial aid after these deadlines.

If you miss the deadline you may still be eligible for aid, however you should plan to pay all tuition, fees, and other costs until your eligibility is determined. Please contact our office or Cashier's office for information about payment options.