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Special Cases

Edmonds College takes into consideration a student’s special or unusual circumstances when
considering eligibility for financial aid.

Special Cases include financial situations such as:

If one of these circumstances applies to you, you can use the links above to submit a form and
documentation of your situation. Submitting the form and documentation may allow us to increase the amount of your budget, or adjust your income to reflect your current earnings, which may increase your eligibility for additional funds.

Unusual Cases may allow a dependent student to apply for aid as an independent student,
without including parent information on the FAFSA. This is often called a Dependency Override.
Examples of a Dependency Override include:

  • Human Trafficking, as described in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000
  • Legally granted refugee or asylum status
  • Parental abandonment or estrangement
  • Student or parent incarceration

You do not qualify for a dependency override for the following situations:

  • Parents refuse to contribute to your education
  • Parents refuse to provide information for the FAFSA or Verification process
  •  Parents do not claim you on their taxes
  • You are self-sufficient and do not rely on your parents for support

Use this link to access the form if believe you may qualify for a Dependency Override.

Cost of Attendance (COA) Adjustments allow students to request that the COA be increased for unusually high transportation and medical expenses that exceed the federal Income Protection Allowance (IPA) already built into the COA. If approved, students may be eligible for additional financial aid, including loans and work study. Use this link for Guidance on Cost of Attendance (COA) Adjustments.