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Graduates for Hire

Many Edmonds College Horticulture Program Graduates are Business Owners who are trained to perform various kinds of landscaping work. Their availability and pay rates vary. Hopefully you will find someone to fulfill your landscaping needs.

Name Grad. Year Specialties Phone E-mail, Website and/or Blog Company Name
Jean Albrecht 1982 Landscape Design, Construction, Garden Coach 206.729.7983 The Perennial Gardener
Janine Anderson 2005 CPH, Design, Consult, Containers, Garden Writing, Lectures, Tours 206.618.6054 North Beach Landscapes
Wade Bartlett 2001 Contractor, Installation, Irrigation, Stone Work, Certified Landscape Technician 206.523.7625   Rock Solid Landscapes, LLC
Lisa M. Bauer 2013 Garden Design, Consultation, Mentoring, Containers, Pruning, Indoor/Outdoor Art 206.819.4736 Chartreuse Landscape Design
Emily Bishton 2005 Landscape Design, Consultation, Environmental Education 206.523.1774 Green Light Gardening
Angie Bradbury 2011 Landscape Design, CPH 206.919.6375 Ladybird Design
Bess Bronstein 1994 ISA Certified Arborist / Horticultural Consultant 360.265.1886 Bess Bronstein
Susi Bryer 2010 Landscape Design, Maintenance, Retail Nursery 206.554.1594 Luckycat Landscapes
Forrest Campbell 2006 Landscape Contractor, Design, Installation, Renovation, Consultation 206.660.3127 Landscape & Property Services LLC
Susan Christoferson 2009 Design, Installation, Consultation, Coaching, Workshops 425.891.4196 Northwest Coastal Gardens
Brandon Cook 2018 Landscape Design and Installation, Tree Assessment, Pruning, Organic Landscape Care, Irrigation, Consulting 425.595.3451 The Plant Nerds
Sue Dickson 2004 Design, Maintenance, Installation: Contemporary, Low Maintenance Gardens 206.799.6513 The Artful Garden
Duane Diede 1975 Landscape Design/Installation 425.355.9160 MAE Landscaping, Inc.
Laura Emnott 2011 Landscape Design, Floral Design, Pruning, Low Volume Drip Irrigation 425.210.7318 Branching Inside Out
Heidi Fehr 2012 Landscape Design/Interior Design 206.295.4452 Ashworth Landscape Design Studio
Luba Fetterman 2012 Design, Coaching, Containers, Organic Practices, Pruning, Small Installations 206.842.8714 Harmonia Landscapes
Paul Fowles 2006 Landscape Design, Installation, Maintenance 206.245.8948 Fowles Landscaping Co.
Bruce Gaudette 1993 Landscape Design, Installation, Maintenance 425.742.9417   Land Hoe!
Mary Jean Gilman 1987 Landscape Architecture, Design, Build, Consulting 206.784.9863 MJ Gilman Garden Design
Faye E. Greenlee 2006 CPH, Garden Maintenance 206.286.9435 Greenlee's Gardens
David B. Grimes 2008 Installation, Design, Licensed Contractor, Nursery, Herbicide/Pesticide Applicator 425.308.4416 Yardwork, Etc.
Sally Gruger 2000 Landscape Design, Garden Management 360.638.1348 Sally Gruger Horticultral Services
Krissy Hakiel 2005 Installation, Renovation, Consultation, Tree & Soil Diagnosis/Treatment 206.851.6130 Ramblin' Rose (Rake)
Sonja Hammar 2010 Landscape Design and Maintenance, using permaculture principles, Fine Pruning, Fruit Tree Pruning, ISA Certified Arborist, CPH 360.376.7661 Marit Designs
Dan Hart 1983 Landscape Maintenance Services 425.486.5328 Hart & Sons Complete Landscape Maintenance Services
Christine Henderson 2017 Landscape Design/Consulting, Containers, Seasonal Decor, Fine Pruning, Garden Art 206.914.1654 Located in Adair Village OR 97330
Corrine Hollister 2009 Design/Consulting: Nurturing, Mystical Sacred Gardens, ISA Certified Arborist 206.779.3118 Earth Dance Design
Heidi Hower 2012 Landscape Design 206.295.4452 Ashworth Landscape Design Studio
Karen K Hugg 2002 Landscape Design, Maintenance 206.605.3409 Red Madrona Gardens
Heather Jellerson 2006 Design, Consulting, Construction, Installation, Maintenance, Renovation 425.806.9001 Millennium Landscape & Construction, Inc.
Mary Kennedy 2012 Landscape Design, Coaching, Pruning, Containers 206.931.4521 Mary Kennedy Garden Design
Gayle Larson 2006 Edible Garden Design, Consultation & Coaching, CPH, Instructor, Lecturer 360.981.7127 Dancing Raven Design
Gabriel LaValle 2005 Landscape Design, Pruning 425.218.6676 Gabby's Gardening and Design
Michelle LeMoine 2002 ISA Certified Arborist, Design, Consultation, Hort. Coaching, Fine Pruning 206.363.7638 Verde Gardens
Jordan Lentz 2010 Installation/Maintenance, Rock Walls, Walkways, Patios, Water Features 425.610.0417 Lentz Landscaping & Pond Specialist
Kelly Carter Mortimer 2011 Landscape Design and Renovation for Sustainable Living and Playing 206.309.7215   Big Picture Landscapes
Sharon Nichols 2010 Landscape Design, Floral Design, Pruning, Low Volume Drip Irrigation 425.330.4354 Branching Inside Out
Jill Nunemaker 2011 Landscape Design, Consultation, Pruning, Coaching, Rain Gardens 425.218.1086 Verterra Landscape Design
Courtney Olander 2013 Landscape and Seasonal Container Design, CPH, BA Environmental Studies 310.351.3058 Olander Garden Design
Zsofia & Zsolt Pasztor 2004 Landscape Design, Renovation, Installation, Consultation, Arborist, CPH 425.210.5541 Innovative Landscape Technologies
Susan Petersen 2003 Nursery 206.632.1760 Urban Earth Garden Center
Susan Picquelle 2012 Landscape Design 206.96.1570 Vivid Landscape Design
Christy Ritter 2010 Design, Small Spaces, Containers, Pruning, Light Installation and Maintenance 425.268.5057 Christy Willis Ritter Landscape Design
Canan Savrun 2014 Landscape Design, Garden Coaching and Container Design 206.522.7985 Rock & Boxwood, LLC
Krist Sharpe 2011 Design/Consult, Plant, Prune, Shop, Research, and Containers 425.745.8526 Time In the Garden
Brenda Skinner 2007 Garden Coach, Consultant and Design for Small Spaces 425.890.1394 Brenda Skinner Coach and Garden Design
Deborah K. Smith 2003 Landscape Design, Horticultural Consultant 425.681.8374 Deborah Smith, Landscape Design
Jade Waples 2012 Landscape Design and Construction: Special Emphasis on Stone Masonry 206.784.9529 Orion Rockscapes, Inc.
Colleen Weinstein 2011 Landscape Design, General Maintenance and Pruning 206.729.2555 Dygg In
Allison Wilhelm 2012 Landscape Design, Pruning, Small Installation 206.919.2476 Redhead Garden Design
James R. Workman 2007 Installation, Maintenance, Certified Arborist/Tree Risk Assessor, Design 425.879.4540 Rainbow Gardening & Landscaping
Hans K. Wressnigg 2011 Design & Build Japanese-Inspired Landscapes, Pruning, Rock Placement 360.393.5013 Japanese-Inspired Landscapes LLC
Jenny Wyatt 2005 Landscape Design 206.322.2922 Wyattscapes LLC
Donna Young 1995 Residential Installation, Renovation, Pruning, Maintenance/ISA Certified Arborist 425.339.8856 Earth First
Brian Matson 2022 Landscape Design, Maintenance, Garden Coaching, Hardscapes 425.686.9749
Trillium Landscape Design