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Culinary Arts

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Program Overview

Located just north of Seattle in Washington state, the Edmonds College Culinary Arts program is a full-time culinary school that provides hands-on training to start or advance your career in the food world. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds — they’re recent high school graduates, career changers, experienced professionals looking to refine their skills, and people who just love to cook.

No prior experience is required for any of our programs. Our associate degrees provide a high-level exploration of the entire restaurant business, while our certificates focus on kitchen work. Graduates of our transfer programs can pursue bachelor’s degrees at Central Washington University and South Seattle College.

As a new student, you'll start by taking our two-week Culinary Arts Orientation (CLART 100), which will introduce you to the fundamentals of working in a professional food service establishment. As you progress in the program, you'll work and learn through each station of the kitchen.

Why Choose Culinary Arts at Edmonds?

  1. Students gain practical, real-world experience at the student-run College Cafe and Triton Taste food truck.
  2. Classes are small, which means our chef-instructors know students by name and provide personalized guidance.
  3. Our comprehensive curriculum covers classical cooking techniques, their modern applications, and global cuisines.


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The first step is to sign up for an advising session. Your advisor will provide an overview of our culinary arts programs, explain equipment and uniform requirements, answer any questions you have, and help you decide which program is right for you.

In Focus: Q&A with Chef Kyle Marty

Chef Kyle Marty

Kyle Marty has always been passionate about cooking. It eventually led him to Edmonds College, where he graduated from the culinary arts program.

read more about Chef Kyle Marty.

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