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Cultural Kitchen

Where did we come from? What makes us human? How are we similar to and different from other people? Where do we go from here? If these questions inspire you, you may enjoy an anthropology career.

Anthropology is the holistic study of humanity. We draw from biology, social sciences, and humanities to better understand our experiences as humans. Anthropology graduates pursue careers in academia, government, cultural and natural resources, medicine, public health, forensics, museums, tourism, and business.


Degree Credits Time to Complete Average Cost*
Associate in Arts (Transfer Degree) 90 24 months $9,544
Associate in Biology - Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA/MRP) 90 24 months $9,544

*Average costs include tuition based on WA state resident full-time enrollment. It does not include fees. The costs may vary. Learn more about Tuition & Fees.

Career Opportunities

Digging into the Past

Archaeology students in the field

Edmonds College faculty led archaeology excavation of historic Japanese community site in North Seattle


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