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Using High School Transcripts for Alternative Assessment

In some cases, a student's high school transcript may be used as an alternative assessment method in place of a standard placement test for English and math. Read the guidelines below to learn more.


Edmonds College is now offering students from any U.S. high school placement into English courses based on a cumulative GPA of 2.5. Placement into ENGL&101 with a GPA of 2.5 applies to current high school students, Running Start students, College in the High School students, or those who have already graduated. Placement by this method expires five years after the student graduates from high school.

We also honor the WA State Placement Reciprocity Agreement.

For students whose first language is not English: Please note that students with high school transcripts listing ESL courses instead of standard English courses will need to place by taking the ACCUPLACER or LOEP placement test.

Please note: If you wish to seek placement using your high school transcripts, please bring a copy of your transcript (unofficial copies are OK) to the Testing and Assessment Services office, located in Mountlake Terrace Hall, room 152. You can also send your transcripts to testingcenter@edmonds.edu with a copy of your picture ID. High school transcripts submitted via third parties (such as Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse) will not be automatically given placement.


Edmonds College offers a variety of ways to place into math courses, including using high school transcripts. These placement options are available for students who earned grades in mathematics courses in public high schools within Washington State within the last year. 

Below are the tables used to evaluate high school transcripts from local school districts and from others in Washington state. If a student cannot use a transcript for placement, they will take the math placement test or use another alternative assessment.

General Notes:

  • Students may opt to register for any math class lower than their placement.
  • Students need to consult with an advisor after placement to be sure to enroll in  a course that is consistent with their planned course of study. See the Math Course Flowchart.

Public High Schools in Washington State:

  • If the high school course is conducted over two semesters, the lower of the two grades will be used for placement.
  • Transcripts can only be used for placement if the high school course was completed less than one year prior to placement. Moreover, the college math course must be taken no more than one school year after the completion of the high school course.

    For example
    , if a student in the Edmonds School District took Algebra 2 in the 2019-20 school year and earned grades of A - and B then they would have a placement of MATH 81 (formerly 87). This placement expires one year after completion, so this student would need to take this class no later than fall 2021 or replace into the math pathway using the math placement test.
  • Students who earn grades of “P” or “pass/fail” cannot use their high school transcripts for placement. These students should take the placement test for accurate placement.
  • Students who place into MATH 152 will not have MATH 151 on their college transcript (unless they have earned credit from the AP exam). These students should make sure their program of study does not require that they show MATH 151 on their transcript.
  • If a student feels they have been placed in a math class that is too advanced, they should talk with their instructor or an advisor about changing classes.

Students in private and out-of-state high schools and homeschooled students:

You will need to take our placement test to assess where you should begin taking mathematics courses.

Placement Tables for High School Transcripts