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Math Placement Testing

Prior to registering for classes, most new students will need to take a math placement test as part of the Admission process. There are two methods Edmonds can use to determine your placement for math classes.

  1. Have your math placement determined by taking an Edmonds College Math Placement Test; OR
  2. By submitting documentation that exempts you from taking the Edmonds College Math Placement Test.

How to take a Math Placement Test

If you do not qualify for an exemption from taking the Edmonds College Math Placement Test, you can choose take your Math Placement Test in person or remotely online. 

  • In-person Testing: Come to Mountlake Terrace Hall, Room #152.  Make sure to show up at least two hours before we close.  Be sure to bring your photo ID and have your ctcLink ID number ready.
  • Remote Testing: In order to set up your remote placement test, please email us at testingcenter@edmonds.edu and list the following information in your message:  
    • Your full name
    • Your ctcLink ID number
    • The placement test you wish to take.

What to Expect

The Math Placement Test is not a graded or pass-fail test. It is simply a way for us to assess your current knowledge so that we can place you in the appropriate math class to ensure your success at Edmonds. However, it is recommended that your study and prepare for the test prior to taking it.  

See our Test Prep Resources

  • Allow approximately three hours to complete the assessment. The test is not timed.
  • You are given your placement scores immediately after you complete the Edmonds College Math Placement Test.
  • Following your Math Placement Test, new students to Edmonds are then asked to sign up for the mandatory New Student Advising Session.
  • You are ready to register for classes after you attend an advising session.

Challenging your Placement

Sometimes students don't do as well on the Edmonds College Math Placement Test as they'd like to, and may choose to challenge the initial placement. The following policy is in place for students who wish to do this.

  • You may retake the Edmonds College Math Placement Test once per quarter.
  • A $25 retest fee applies.
  • Please note: after you are initially assessed, if you start taking classes based on your placement, you may not retest as a way to skip classes in a sequence.