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The Edmonds College LOEP (ACCUPLACER ESL) is a multiple-choice format (except for writing sample). Students taking this test are placed into classes according to their skill level. There's no time limit (except for writing sample ( Up to 120 minutes). Questions are presented based on individual's skill level. The response to each question drives the difficulty level of the next question. It's important to give each question as much thought as possible before selecting an answer.

The scaled score range for the ESL Reading Skills and ESL Listening tests is 20-120. These two sections of the LOEP (ACCUPLACER ESL) are adaptive. This means that the questions are chosen for you on the basis of your answers to previous questions. This technique selects just the right questions for your ability level.

Please follow the instructions below to request your LOEP test:

  • Students are allowed one English test, plus one retest each, prior to enrolling in a class. First English is free. There is a $25 charge to retest.
  • After you get your test result and want to retest, please pay $25 and email your receipt to testingcenter@edmonds.edu to request your retest. Pay the retesting $25 fee here.

Steps to Take Examity:

  • Submit an online application first. You will be given a student ID number which you will need to take the test. 
  • Go to the Virtual Testing page to read about the ”Examity System Requirements”
  • Once you are ready, send an email (see example below) to request a test. Students (not parents/agents) must email to testingcenter@edmonds.edu directly.
  • You will receive a test voucher and can schedule your test date immediately. The voucher will have an expiration date. If you can’t take the test before your voucher expires, please email testingcenter@edmonds.edu  to cancel your test voucher.  Once we issue the voucher, if you don't use or cancel it, there will be a $25 fee.  
  • Keep in mind that English test results may take up to 3 business days if you are required to write an essay.

Example email to Testing and Assessment Services

To: testingcenter@edmonds.edu

Subject: Request for Examity [FULL NAME, STUDENT ID]

Hello Edmonds College Testing and Assessment Services,

I am accepted to Edmonds College and I want to take an English (LOEP) test via Examity. My full name is _________________.  Edmonds College student ID #: _______________.  Date of birth (month / day / year): _____________.  My email address is: _______________. Please see the attached copy of my passport. Thank you! Signed, [Your Full Name].