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Financial Aid Services

Awarding Aid

  • The links under "Awarding Aid" provide general information about the process and what is taken into consideration when awarding financial aid to students, and how we determine how much aid you are eligible to receive.
  • Your financial aid paperwork or file is not reviewed until all required processes are completed, and all required documents are turned in to our office.
  • Log in to ctcLink and review your Task Tile for To-Do items. Complete To-Do items by the financial aid deadlines for the quarter you want to start. We will add Enrollment Protect-Possible FA (a positive hold) to keep you from being dropped for non-payment while your aid is being determined. *It does not affect adding, dropping, transcripts or Canvas in any way.Positive Hold ctcLink screenshoot
  • Once initial documents are submitted, we may find that we need additional information or you must complete other requirements to determine your eligibility. We will notify you by email if we need anything further to determine your award.  Please note the following.
    • Federal regulations require us to closely monitor the amount of time (number of classes) it takes you to complete your degree or certificate. We may ask you to submit a Maximum Time Frame Appeal and Academic Plan once we review your file and paperwork. 
    • Financial Aid must apply the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy to all quarters on your transcript even if you did not receive financial aid. We may notify you that you are on termination status and that you must submit a petition for reinstatement due previous quarters on your transcript. You must successfully petition in order to receive funding.