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Wellness and Health Promotion

Substance Use Education and Outreach

Concerned about your tobacco, drug or alcohol use or its impact on your relationships, your health, or your overall well-being?

Substance Use Education and Outreach efforts provide education, and outreach.

We encourage you to an appointment at the Counseling and Resource Center to meet with a professional counselor, who can provide a screening, listen, offer feedback, and provide referrals to treatment resources.


Screenings are to be used for insight building and self-awareness. Screenings do not provide a diagnosis of substance use dependence or disorder or any other medical condition. The information provided by the screenings do not substitute for a full evaluation by a health professional, and should only be used as a guide to understanding your alcohol or substance use and potential health issues. Please see a medical or mental health professional for additional information, support and referral for treatment or support groups.

Rethinking Drinking or alcoholscreening.org - Answer a few questions about your drinking pattern and receive feedback

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