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Office of International Programs

Costs 2020-2021

Tuition costs and fees are valid until August 31, 2021.

$500 Tuition Reduction for the 21-22 Academic Year!

Starting Spring 2021, each new student taking 12 or more High School or College credits will receive a $500 tuition reduction for a maximum of 2 quarters for the 21-22 Academic Year (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring). This amounts to a tuition savings of $1,000 to students! Questions? Email oip_fiscal@edcc.edu 

$50 Application Fee Waived until June 30, 2021!

We are excited to announce that as an additional support to new students, our application fees will be temporary waived. Effective immediately, our application fee of $50 will be waived for all new applications until June 30, 2021.

Total costs for one academic year 


Item Three Quarters One Quarter
Tuition* $9,686.70 $3,228.90
Books and Supplies $1,200.00 $400.00
Health Insurance $983.97 $327.99
Living Expenses (Based on homestay and food) $8,036.00 $2,678.67
Approximate Total $19,906.67 $6,635.56

*Based on 15 college/high school credits. See below for IESL related costs.

Summary of Costs

Tuition and Program Cost per Quarter
College, High School Tuition* $3,228.90
IESL Tuition $3,318.12
IESL Lab Fee $25.00
Associated Student Fees (for College and High School students only, not IESL)* $159.15
Books and Supplies $300.00-400.00 per quarter
Health Insurance (mandatory) $327.99 per quarter
Unlimited access ORCA bus pass $26.00 per quarter
Miscellaneous Expenses (shopping, activities, etc.) $300.00-400.00 per quarter

*Based on 15 college/high school credits.

One-Time Costs

One-Time Fee Cost
Application Fee (non-refundable, except when deferring) $50.00
I-20 Mailing Fee (due to COVID-19, I-20s are sent electronically) $0.00
Orientation Fee (non-refundable, one-time fee) $50.00
Application fee from IESL to College (one-time fee) $35.00
ORCA Card (one-time purchase) $10.00

College Tuition

Credits Tuition Credits Tuition
12 credits $3,039.24 18 credits $3,418.56
13 credits $3,102.46 19 credits $3,698.22
14 credits $3,165.68 20 credits $3,977.88
15 credits $3,228.90 21 credits $4,257.54
16 credits $3,292.12 22 credits $4,537.20
17 credits $3,355.34 23 credits $4,816.86

Refund Policies

IESL Classes: If a student notifies OIP in writing before the first day of the quarter, a refund of paid tuition will be processed. There are no refunds after the first day of the quarter.

College or High School Credit Classes: A refund of tuition and fees is made only when a student officially withdraws from a class. 100% - First five instructional days of the quarter. 50% - First 20 calendar days of the quarter. No refunds of tuition after the first 20 calendar days of the quarter. No refund of tuition may be made for any purpose beyond the current quarter.

Housing Costs and Fees

Please visit Housing and Residence Life for detailed costs and fees.

Item Cost
Housing Application Fee (non-refundable) $275.00
Airport Pick Up (on pick up dates only) $25.00
Activity Fee (each quarter) $25.00
Damage and Security Deposit (refundable, residence halls only) $200.00
Cleaning Fee (non-refundable, residence halls only) $200.00
Minimum Advance Fee (homestay only, due by application deadline) $840.00

Rainier Place and Triton Court prices include: utilities, parking, cable, internet, furniture, student lounge, and 24 hour staff support

Homestay prices include: Private and fully furnished bedroom and a shared bathroom. Meals are also included.


New students will pay for tuition after registering for classes during Orientation Week. Current students will pay for tuition within seven days after registration for next quarter’s classes.

Payment Options:

  • Personal check or money order
  • Credit card: follow the steps here to Pay Online
  • International wire transfer: upload a completed Wire Transfer Form
    • Please do not arrange a wire transfer without submitting an application.

Estimated Invoice:

  • To receive an estimated invoice for a student's tuition and fees, please email oip_fiscal@edcc.edu with the following information:
    • Email subject line: "Invoice Estimate"
    • Student ID
    • Full name
    • Date of birth

If you have further questions about payment or tuition please email oip_fiscal@edcc.edu.

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