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Oleg Ruvinov


Oleg Ruvinov

Oleg Ruvinov began playing tuba and bassoon in middle school. He won the grand-prize and special prize in National Youth wind instrument players contest (1985) competition at the age of 19, and made his concerto debut with the Baku/Azerbaijan State Opera Orchestra later that year. 

Oleg received his Bachelor's degree from Music College in Baku, and Master's Degree from Russian State Academy of Music - Moscow, Russia. In 1991-96 Oleg was the Soloist at a legendary "Lundstrem" State Jazz Orchestra in Moscow. He played with all major Russian jazz musicians of post-Soviet era and frequently toured around Russia, Spain, Finland, Poland, Germany, Israel, Egypt, Greeks, Italy and Switzerland. Since 1996, he has lived and performs in Seattle, Washington. As a tuba player, he has played with the Federal Way Philharmonic Orchestra, Bellevue Philharmonic Orchestra, in various Broadway shows and contributed to numerous recordings and soundtracks.