The campus phone system is out-of-service. Internet and email have not been impacted.

To reach the operator, please call 425.640.1459.

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Contact Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Division


Hazel Miller (HZL) Hall, Room 204

Office Hours:

The STEM Division Office is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Employee Listing

Name Title Office Phone Email
Dr. Carey Schroyer Dean of STEM Division HZL 204D 425.640.1626
Lisa Hagen Administrative Division Manager HZL 204E 425.640.1108
Emily Morache Administrative Assistant HZL 204A 425.640.1679
Cassandra Schmitt MESA Director HZL 319 425.640.1556
Su Nelson Outreach, Recruitment and Operations Manager HZL 204C 425.640.1980
Abby Ulofoshio STEM Student Retention Program Manager HZL 204B 425.640.1854
Caroline Mann Laboratory Technician HZL 317 425.640.1272
Christina Hanson Laboratory Technician BRI 210 425.640.1643
Jeremy Juetten Laboratory Technician MON 425.640.1966
Pablo Pedrosa Diaz

Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Technology
(AMMET) Department

MON 118 425.640.1747
Jonathan Miller Biology Department Head HZL 302D 425.640.1135
Mary Whitfield Chemistry Department Head HZL 302B 425.640.10138

Tim Hunt

Computer Science Department Head ALD 254 425.640.1863
Will Hamp Engineering Department Head HZL 226 425.640.1295
Ross Monroe Engineering Technology (ETEC) Department Head MON 117 425.640.1944
Maria Kelly Environmental Science Department Head HZL 118 425.640.1918
Tiffany Ledford Math Co-Department Head HZL 202B 425.640.1778
Pat Averbeck Math Co-Department Head HZL 218 425.640.1093
Rachel Wade Physics Department Head HZL 117 425.640.1287