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Lease and Payment Information

What is a lease?

A lease (contract) is a legal document outlining the terms under which one party agrees to rent property from another party. By signing a lease, one is promising to live in the apartment until the last day of the lease, pay rent on time, and follow all policies and expectations of the office/program/building. The lease also points out many safety issues of renting the space.

Lease Length

For Residence Halls we have 3 or 4 quarter leases. Students must decide their lease length when they apply and indicate their choice on the application. The student can not change their lease length after they move in. If a student wishes to break their lease, they must find a non-resident to take their lease/space and bring them to the Housing Office. This person must still meet all criteria for living in the residence hall. A student may be released from their contract due to emergency circumstances at the discretion of the Housing Office and building management with adequate proof of the emergency. We will only do 1 or 2 quarter lease if: the student is graduating during the lease period, or the student is only studying at Edmonds College for that shortened period of time. We can do one quarter leases for just Summer Quarter as well.

Payments for Quarterly Rent

Rent and all housing fees are due the first week students move in. Students pay for the full quarter. We will wait longer for Financial Aid if we are given a copy of the award letter showing sufficient funding. Contact Luke Botzheim prior to moving in if you plan on having using Financial Aid funds for payment. Continuing students pay for the following quarter's housing at least a month before the new quarter starts. Please check our calendar for specific dates.

After being assigned an apartment and confirming placement, the student is agreeing to move in and pay for rent for at least one quarter.

How to Make Payments

The application fee is due when application is submitted. All students make payments quarterly. For new students, payment is due within the first week after arrival. For continuing students, payment is due during the previous quarter. See the Housing Calendar for specific due dates.

Be sure to include student's full name and student I.D. number with payment.

If you are a TRAJAL student please make your payment here.

Payment Options