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Alex Sibuma

Alexander Sibuma is an incredibly gifted artist, student, and dedicated community volunteer. His work in clay began with a love of carving and sculpting wood. The life sized sculptures were created with a chainsaw and this process became part of the artwork. Many of his creations are dedicated to his local church where he helps to raise funds for the youth group. Alex works closely with the young people in this community at first as a volunteer and currently as their full time youth pastor. He plans to continue his education in the seminary and someday become a pastor of his own flock.

After ten years of having fun creating dynamic sculptures with wood Alex moved into clay during his studies at Edmonds College. Clay presented a new and inspiring challenge and the wheel began to replace the chainsaw. His inspiration comes from a life-long love of camping through the beautiful landscapes of Washington, Oregon and California.


  • Alexander Sibuma - Nightmare (Ceramic Pinch Pot)
  • Alexander Sibuma - Sunspot (Thrown Ceramic Vessel)
  • Alexander Sibuma -Toto (Ceramic Pinch Pot and Coil)