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Khaliun Enkhbold

It has always been easier to express myself through art growing up as an introvert. The purpose of expressing emotions is to bring honesty and the truth of feeling, and that is what I love to see in people. Maybe that is why I started my journey with drawing human portraits, their emotions, and feelings behind their eyes.

In the beginning of my journey, I tried to portray realism only. When I started painting with acrylic and watercoloring, I felt like I had more freedom than using only pencil and paper. That took me a step closer into abstract art. I always had fear of using color in my piece, but now it has become what I am obsessed with. I am not always confident and proud of my pieces and I try to avoid making mistakes, but now I realized that mistakes could create something beautiful too. There is no limit in imagination and creativeness.

My artworks are the outlet of my internal world. Emotions cannot be communicated directly but I hope that someone will perceive it by looking at my pieces. Some people might feel emotional suffering from my art, beauty of nature and human being, or just a color and shapes. I always struggle to explain what I tried to tell through my piece, most of the time I do not know the answer. However, sometimes audiences know the answer.

  • Khaliun Enkhbold - A Fat Horse (Chalk Pastel)
  • Khaliun Enkhbold - I Don't Know (Acrylic paint and collage)
  • Khaliun Enkhbold - Pastel Experiment One (Chalk Pastel)
  • Khaliun Enkhbold - Pastel Experiment Two (Chalk Pastel)
  • Khaliun Enkhbold - Humble Gold (Acrylic paint and collage)
  • Khaliun Enkhbold - Life in a Box (Acrylic paint and collage)