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Caroline Monson

A lot of my drawings are inspired by old and unique architecture. My drawings feature a variety of buildings, some of them have added fictional aspects to them to create a mix of reality and fantasy. I like the idea of bringing imagination and color into every-day scenery. For my drawings I use a mix of watercolors, markers, and fine tip pens to create a bright, textured look.

  • Caroline Monson - Keelers Korner (Watercolor, Ink)
  • Caroline Monson - Downtown Portland (Watercolor, Ink)
  • Caroline Monson - Gas Station (Watercolor, Ink)
  • Caroline Monson - Clear Skies (Watercolor, Ink)
  • Caroline Monson - Untitled (Watercolor, Ink)
  • Caroline Monson - Winthrop Emporium (Watercolor, Ink)