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Mallory Kellum

As I finish my Associates in Arts this winter and ponder the opportunities of the future, I continue to be drawn by the beauty that surrounds me. Passionate about seeking truth and light, I often find myself resting to the beat of slow, found in the ultimate Creator. He is my source of Life and Hope!

  • Mallory Kellum - Fragrant Light (Photography)
  • Mallory Kellum - John 8:12 (Photography)
  • Mallory Kellum - No tricks, All treats (Photography)
  • Mallory Kellum - Now is Feast Time (Photography)
  • Mallory Kellum - Sunspots and Dried Apple Puree (Photography)
  • Mallory Kellum - The Crossover (Photography)
  • Mallory Kellum - The Illusive Haven (Photography)
  • Mallory Kellum - The Simple Carnival (Photography)