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Lisa Laizure

Lisa Laizure is a mixed media artist working with Acrylic, Watercolor, Ink, and Graphite. Her work combines beauty and gore in a fascinating fusion of bloody disturbance and vibrancy.

At a young age Lisa loved all things horror and it quickly grew to become her obsession and left a huge impression on the artist. This passion has morphed her art style and draws inspiration from American Cartoons, Pastel Gore, Horror Manga, Animetal, and Yokai.

Although inherently the art has a dark aesthetic, the colors create a pleasingly bright harmony for
the senses and emotions.

  • Lisa Laizure - Zutsuu "Headache" (Watercolor, ink)
  • Lisa Laizure - Yokai Jorogumo (Acrylic, ink)
  • Lisa Laizure - Sushi Origin (Watercolor, ink)
  • Lisa Laizure - Periodic Emotions (Acrylic, collage)
  • Lisa Laizure - Kawaii (Acrylic, ink)
  • Lisa Laizure - I'm Sad (Acrylic)
  • Lisa Laizure - Hard Candy (Watercolor, ink)
  • Lisa Laizure - Feeling Hollow (Watercolor, ink)
  • Lisa Laizure - Endogenous Molecules (Graphite, ink)