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Sam Kha

I have known Star Wars for the last 10 years and was inspired by many cool things presented in the films that I wanted to recreate. Since there are a lot of different themes in Star Wars, I choose to focus on the lightsabers (hilts in particular) or some nicknamed "laser swords" and create them out of paper, rather than expensive metallic materials which I have seen others do with 3D printing the shapes.

No one but me has done this kind of thing before with paper, so I accepted this challenge. It was not easy, and I had to invest a whole load of time to make this whole entire collection based on the Jedi and Sith characters seen from all 9 films. It took about a year to make the collection. What I believe was the most challenging for me was the measurements, and capturing the details to match as close to accurate towards what the real one looks like from inside.

So far, I am proud and impressed that I have done the best I can to finish this challenge as part of my personal project, and I will continue then with similar and different related challenges that fits my interest, therefore: may the force be with you.


  • Sam Kha - Star Wars Paper-Sabers series (Mixed Media)
  • Sam Kha - Star Wars Paper-Sabers detail 1 (Mixed Media)
  • Sam Kha - Star Wars Paper-Sabers detail 2 (Mixed Media)
  • Sam Kha - Star Wars Paper-Sabers detail 3 (Mixed Media)
  • Sam Kha - Star Wars Paper-Sabers detail 4 (Mixed Media)