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Lorenzo Townsend

My name is Lorenzo Townsend, and throughout my photography life, It been said to me many times you have a "Good Eye." I've never been sure of the meaning of that saying. So I looked up.

"You have a good eye."

"Definition (expr.) someone who is good at seeing small and important things that other people might not notice."

My brain sees odd and abstract things in every-day life. I notice shapes, patterns, colors, lighting, and groupings. These things draw me to them like a moth to a flame. Bright sun through dark clouds makes a reflection on the water and flows down the blacktop of a driveway. Rainwater overflowing because of a clogged rain gutter. Tulips hanging on to their color after being beat down by a snowstorm. The smooth colors of Autumn leaves. They are moments in time that will never be seen the same way again. So many people will pass right by these moments and never notice them, but if I have a camera in my hand, these moments will be captured and preserved.

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